Thankful Sunday

Thankful Sunday: BiblioBeautyBooks

Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to come here and write this Thank You post to an amazing person, a dear friends of mine.

This Sunday it’s a Thank You to Chelsea!

Chelsea, aka BiblioBeautyBooks, a fellow bookstagrammer, blogger and writer. A lovely person that has written powerful and thought provoking books and that deserves all the love in the world.

I first met Chelsea via her Instagram page and I immediately fell in love with her photos and words. She was a kind person that had her arms open and welcomed everyone to her DMs. And I don’t even remember exactly how we started to talk because I truly feel like I know her for years.

In her Instagram account you will found book recommendations, reviews, and writing updates of her novels. And one of the subjects that is very close to the heart for her is Mental Health, so if you need a virtual hugs and someone to talk to, or read some amazing poetry that just gives you a connection, you will find it in Chelsea and her writing.

Then of course, I got to met her by reading her books. It’s a different experience, and by reading her poems, I was able to share my thoughts and our friendship grew. I’m now finishing reading her new poetry book and will have a review very soon. Meanwhile, you can get her books here:

Unspoken Agreement | Sincerely, Me | Only Human | A Delicate Flower |When The Parachute Doesn’t Open | Allergic To Air

Another stop you should do is on Chelsea’s blog.

There you will find the full book reviews and of course information about her books.

And speaking of books, did you know that one of her books is going to be traditionally published? No?! They you really need to check out her website and Instagram page and stay tune to all the news, and sometimes you will be able to even apply to be a Beta Reader for one of her novels.

About Chelsea

Screenshot_2018-10-19 Chelsea Girard no Instagram “HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO MY THIRD CHILD, A Delicate Flower 😭❤️🤣 This b[...]I review for professional book publishers such as Simon and Schuster Canada  and Hachette Books. I am always looking for a new book to review.

I tend to draw to novels that draw away from love stories and more towards suspense and personal experiences shared from one person to the next. I love books that make you feel for the character and give you a sense of fulfillment when you claim their happiness as you’re own.

I am always busy with school, work and with my family but I always leave time out of my day to relax with a book and some tea. For me, it’s a form of escape from the world that I am surrounded by, where I can escape to a world where I can draw a connection to the book characters and their stories.

​- Chelsea Girard

Social Media Links – Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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I always welcome new books to add to my list and I’m always excited to do reviews and read books. And I’m open to debate and exchange opinions, so let’s talk.

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