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My Reviews

I love books! I love reading! I decided it was time to start reviewing more, because I think the authors deserve it and sharing my thoughts on the books is important and fun.

That been said, all of the reviews are my own, honest and considerate, opinions and thoughts about the books I read, with the exception of the blurb or occasional quote from the book, which is only for informational purposes.

I will post the reviews in this blog and on Goodreads. I will also share it on Social Media (Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter) which book I’m currently reading with pictures, and once I’ve finish it, I will share the review too.

Review Copy Format

I will accept  any review copy format, either physical copies, e-book copies or audiobooks, of published or ARC books.

About the e-book copies I accept any of the following formats:

  • MOBI (Kindle)
  • PDF
  • EPub


Dear Author or Publisher,

I read about any book in any genre. If you would like me to do a review of your book, I would gladly be open to read it.

You can contact me via my email:

Don’t forget to let me know if there is a deadline you want me to keep in mind so I can adjust my schedule.


Dear follower and friend,

If you have a book recommendation, it’s always welcomed.

Just contact me via the form in the Contact Me page, including the following information about the book you want to recommend:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre