About Me

cropped-screenshot-2018-1-20-jc3a9ssicaf09f9396-jessbookishlife-e280a2-fotos-e-vc3addeos-do-instagram-2.pngI’m a 25 years old Social Educator, reader and writer (and now blogger) living in a small town in the central coast of Portugal.

I love to read while listening to the rain, and I prefer tea instead of coffee. Books are books to me, so even though I love physical copies, I don’t mind eCopies or even Audiobooks.

I’m not a professional writer or reviewer, but I do enjoy writing and I’m working on my book… and I love books so reviewing them is fun.

You can find me on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium.

I’m a NetGalley Member, so you may find me there too.

I have recently joined BookSirens and you can find some of my reviews there as well.