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“Take Me, I’m Yours” Review

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I thought I would have more time to schedules the posts I need for this weekend since I was at the wedding and I knew I would get home late and be very tired to do anything but get ready to bed and sleep. Thankfully I’m still able to share the review on the date I had plan to. Sorry it’s this late, but I do hope you guys like it and the pics, and I hope you go check out this book.

I’m here for the blog tour of Lizzie Lamb‘s “Take Me, I’m Yours“. This is a contemporary romance release on 24th July 2018.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Lizzie for the eCopy of this book and for allowing me to join in the fun and by being a part of the blog tour with my honest review of the book.

Take Me I'm Yours


Take Me I'm Yours - TMIY front cover 800pxIndia Buchanan plans to set up an English-Style bed and breakfast establishment in her great-aunt’s home, MacFarlane’s Landing, Wisconsin. But she’s reckoned without opposition from Logan MacFarlane whose family once owned her aunt’s house and now want it back. MacFarlane is in no mood to be denied. His grandfather’s living on borrowed time and Logan has vowed to ensure the old man sees out his days in their former home. India’s great-aunt has other ideas and has threatened to burn the house to the ground before she lets a MacFarlane set foot in it. There’s a story here. One the family elders aren’t prepared to share. When India finds herself in Logan’s debt, her feelings towards him change. However, the past casts a long shadow and events conspire to deny them the love and happiness they both deserve. Can India and Logan’s love overcome all odds? Or is history about to repeat itself?

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For the duration of the blog tour – Take Me, I’m Yours will be downloadable for 99p.

Author Bio

Take Me I'm Yours - Lizzie Lamb AuthorAfter teaching her 1000th pupil and working as a deputy head teacher in a large primary school, Lizzie decided to pursue her first love: writing. She joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted (2012), quickly followed by Boot Camp Bride. She went on to publish Scotch on the Rocks, which achieved Best Seller status within two weeks of appearing on Amazon and her next novel, Girl in the Castle, reached #3 in the Amazon charts. Lizzie is a founder member of indie publishing group – New Romantics Press, and has co-hosted author events at Aspinall, St Pancras and Waterstones, Kensington, talking about the research which underpins her novels. Lizzie latest romance Take Me, I’m Yours is set in Wisconsin, a part of the USA which she adores. She has further Scottish-themed romances planned and has just returned from a tour of the Scottish Highlands in her caravan researching men in kilts. What’s not to like? As for the years she spent as a teacher, they haven’t quite gone to waste. She is building a reputation as a go-to speaker on indie publishing, and how to plan, write, and publish a debut novel. Lizzie lives in Leicestershire (UK) with her husband, David.

She loves to hear from readers, so do get in touch . . .

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My Review

P1060598This is the first book of Lizzie Lamb that I have read. Although after seeing the cover I got the feeling I was picking up a old fashion book that you would see when you would get your newspaper (at least new I was a kid I remember covers like that), but still, that unusual aspect didn’t persuade me to turn around. I went and read the blurb. After reading it as was intrigued.

It was an amazingly written story with a Romeo and Juliet touch, with the “war” between the two families… Well, between India’s great-aunt and Logan’s grandfather. And behind all that there is a motive. So the book follows India Buchanan and Logan MacFarlane the new generation that was pushed into this families feud.

P1060727From the very first page I was hooked. I wanted to know how could two families be at war, and why… plus, I wanted to know how would India and Logan turn things around. I knew they would change things, it’s a romance book after all, but we never know what an author can bring us in a story, or when the characters will start to change and develop.

This book gave us those turns, gave us twist… It invited us to reading more pages with the prospect of knowing more about the feud, or about India and Logan’s feelings. It made us jump into the story because of the description that made us feel like we are a part of the plot and living in the place and being a part of the community.

P1060599The relationships between all the characters made me laugh, sigh and get my adrenaline pumping. I love that there was emotional moments, funny ones too and definitely all the obstacles in the way. The all gave the book a good platform for all the events that were happening as they plot went. It was a good balance and made the history have a different strength and meaning to the events in the present.

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  1. Thank you for your review of Take Me, I’m Yours Jess. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I woke up this morning to discover it has acquired the much coveted orange BEST SELLER ticket on Amazon. I’ll be floating on air for the rest of the day. Thanks for taking part in the blog tour.

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