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“Common Ground” Review

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I hope you are ready for this new week. I’m trying to get posts ready, but it’s never easy because I have my family here and I always end up doing other things. Anyway… I’m here for a review and I hope you check out this book.

Common Ground“, written by Alicia Best, is a Contemporary Romance novella, released this September.

I want to thank Alicia to the ARC in exchange for my honest review. It was a quick and sweet romance to read.


41809483When Maddie Lee is forced to deal with a businessman she despises from the get-go, she is determined to stand her ground.

Adrian Knight has always had a high opinion of himself, for the simple reason that in the mirror, he only sees perfection, unaware of how unattractive this makes him to all but the most superficial of women.

But he starts to wonder if he’s met his match when he comes up against Maddie, as they are thrown into a collaboration against a new threat in Shady Piers.

Are there the beginnings of a grudging appreciating of each other, and even surprising, the rumblings of a much deeper relationship?

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Author Bio

She’s from Florida originally and now lives up by Seneca Lake in Upstate New York. Her man and she have three dogs; two horses and they simply love it up here. She loves Nicholas Sparks, Elizabethtown, Carly Simon, Love Actually and anything romantic.

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My Review

This is the first book of Alicia Best that I have ever read and it’s part of a series. It was a quick book since it was a novella, but it still had a good pace although I would love more, but that’s always something that I wish for when I read a short book. I want more because I’m curious about the characters. Nevertheless, I like this book.

20180917_114507The characters were interesting. I liked that it was in the first person POV, since it was a novella that helped me stay connected and understand them because they were the ones telling the story. We could understand why they felt that way and why they wanted hat they wanted and did what they did.

Although that beginning wasn’t what I was expected, and that happened with the rest of the story. It was a good thing, the unexpected made the book refreshing and it was a good touch that complemented the bit of mystery that was presented. Plus it made the story intriguing and not just another romantic novella.

It was sweet and clean and I appreciate that since I like to just rest from erotic romances for a bit. And although I love all types of romances, the ones like this book are a breath of fresh air after reading a lot of full hotness steam books. And we always have to have balance in our life. So I was very thankful when I read this book.

In terms of plot it had the classic elements of a good story. The billionaire that gets what he wants and the hard working, strong woman… Although… I’m always in need of more pages no matter if it’s a short book or a a 500 page book, and of course I would love to read more about them and see more development, but for the amount of pages the plot didn’t felt short to me.

It all had from beginning to end a good amount of moments that were surprising, wow, sweet, dramatic, funny and over all entertaining.

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