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“The Start of Something Wonderful” Review

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Today I bring you two reviews, and the first one is a review of a audiobook that I had the pleasure of listening while doing some painting. Amazing ten hours, listen throughout a couple of days. But I will tell you guys more about this experience in a sec.

The Start of Something Wonderful“, written by Jane Lambert, narrated also by the author, and published by HQ, Harper Collins.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Jane Lambert for the Audiobook file of this book and for allowing me to join in the fun and by being a part of the blog tour. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

The Start of Something Wonderful


The Start of Something Wonderful CoverIt’s never too late to follow your dreams….

Forty-year-old air stewardess Emily Forsyth thought she had everything a woman could wish for: a glamorous, jet-set lifestyle, a designer wardrobe and a dishy pilot boyfriend. Until he breaks up with her…

Catapulted into a midlife crisis she wishes she’d had earlier, she decides to turn her life upside down, quitting her job and instead beginning to chase her long-held dreams of becoming an actress!

Leaving the skies behind her, Emily heads for the bright lights of London’s West End – but is it too late to reach for the stars?

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Author Bio

Jane taught English in Vienna then travelled the world as cabin crew, before making the life-changing decision to become an actor and voiceover artist in her mid-thirties. She has appeared in “Calendar Girls”, “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”, “Deathtrap”,  and most recently “True West” in London’s West End.  She has recorded audiobooks for BBC AudioGo, Isis Publishing and HarperCollins. She is currently adapting “The Start of Something Wonderful” into a 6-part comedy drama for TV.

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My Review

I love audiobooks. I find them very useful, specially since I’m always looking for something to have as a companion during some tasks; in this case, I found that I quite enjoyed listening to this particular novel while making some painting in wooden. It was a fun story to listen too and not hard to follow.

In this novel, we follow Emily Forsythe, a forty-year-old air stewardess, as she goes on a self-discovery journey provoked by unexpected  and heartbroken changes in her life. And that’s life for you guys! Sometimes things happen and we have to decide what we are going to do next. That’s what we follow in this novel. We get to see how Emily, the main character, deals with all that is going on and find explore the freedom she has now gained.

I loved the interactions between Emily and all the people she encounters in this new adventure while following her dreams. Many strong, funny, colorful personalities, with different background stories and aspirations that make us connect with them as much as we do with Emily.

It was also interesting to listen to the narrator – in this case, the author herself – go through the different accents and tones that made each character feel real in my mind. Actually, I felt like I was there and was just at the corner of the room, watching and listening. Because, although I didn’t felt as I was part of that world, I still felt like I was listening to someone tell me her story, letting me know all the interactions she had and all the good and bad moments in her life.

Overall, I really wanted her to be happy. My mom is in her late forties and I want her to do whatever she wants and that makes her happy. And I felt hat kind of connection with Emily, because I was listening to a woman’s voice narrating the novel, I felt like I was listening to Emily herself and that made me think of all the women in my life that are in her forties and every women that isn’t by has suffer a major change in her life… So I honestly wanted her to have a good time and accomplish her goals.

Accomplishing or goals, never giving up, discover ourselves everyday… I loved all of that. And I do believe we can be, and we are, resilient and we will get up and try again, even if it’s something entirely different from what we have been doing for the past years. So that’s a good message.

About recommending this book… Listening to audiobooks is always a different kind of experience and I know not many people enjoy it, so I recommend it to those that love listening to audiobooks.

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