Guest Post

Guest Post: A bookish passion, by Sara Onnebo

There is something magical about books. Opening a new book for the first time is like entering a different universe. Through books, we can travel to distant places, to ancient times and to worlds that do not exist outside of the pages within. They allow us to get to know people we would never have the opportunity – or the misfortune – to meet in real life. Books take us on terrifying journeys from the safety of our living room, let us fall in love, over and over again, and stir our own imagination.

I was a book lover long before I could read. At night, I brought my favorite storybook, not a teddy bear, to bed. Even as an adult I rarely go anywhere without a book in my handbag. It’s like my security blanket. There are few people, outside of my immediate family, that I would want to spend as much time with as I do with books. There is a book for every mood and every occasion. You are never bored with a book. A book doesn’t judge you, it simply accepts you for who you are (however, I admit to sometimes judging a book by its cover). Books are the perfect company! They make us laugh, cry and view life from different angles and perspectives.

Stephen King once said:

“Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.” 

I couldn’t agree more!

Author Bio

Sara-A_1996[2]Sara Onnebo changed her science career for one which allows her to make up stories for a living, both as a writer of novels and in her “real” job as a freelance writer,  photographer and sometimes translator. She has published three mystery/suspense novels in Swedish with a fourth on the way. The Daughter is her first novel in English.  

Sara, who is an enthusiastic world-traveler, has previously lived in France, Australia, England and Spain, but has now settled down (for the moment at least) on the south coast of Sweden with her Finnish husband and their two children.

She got the inspiration for The Daughter on a visit to her husband’s family in Finland where she experienced her first smoke sauna, the bright summer nights and later on, the cold and dark winter.

Social media links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

I met Sara thanks to Twitter and I’m curious about her book, so I’m getting it as soon as I can. It’s on the list now.

I want to thank her for being a guest on my blog and for sharing her thoughts with all of us. It’s an honor to have her here.

If you want to have fun here and be a guest on my blog you can check out my Guests Post to know more about it or you can leave a message using the form on my Contact Me page.

I always welcome new books to add to my list and I’m always excited to do reviews and read books.




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