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Cover Reveal: “The Breaking”

Hello Friends!

Today I bring you a cover reveal of a book that is part of a series and is going to be publish in March.

The Breaking“, written by K. S. Marsden, is the third novel in the Northern Witch Series, and is going to be publish on 20th March.

The Breaking


breakingMark thought being a witch would be easy, but it has ruined everything.

Now, he has to fight for his friends and the guy that he loves.

Which would be challenging enough, without school being a living nightmare; more demons than he can handle; and witches that have strayed from the light.

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 Winter Trials (Northern Witch #1)is currently available for Free: Amazon

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About the Author

Kelly S. Marsden grew up in Yorkshire, and there were two constants in her life – books and horses.

Graduating with an equine degree from Aberystwyth University, she has spent most of her life since trying to experience everything the horse world has to offer. She is currently settled into a Nutritionist role for a horse feed company in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

She writes Fantasy stories part-time. Her first book, The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1), was published in January 2013, and she now has several successful series under her belt.

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“Awakening the Trinity” Review

Hello Friends!

Here is the second review of the day! I will have some more reviews written today, hopefully, meanwhile, enjoy this one.

Awakening the Trinity“, written by Brittany Elise, a YA Supernatural Fiction novel, published in September 2018.

Thank you Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Brittany for the eCopy of the book and for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour and give my honest review.


awakening cover1In the seventeenth-century, an all-powerful witch called Rionach the Dark ruled the Celtic nations with an army of enslaved werewolves. In order to restore balance between Light and Dark, the Trinity of Light was summoned to vanquish the Dark Witch and end the Battle of the Dark Ages.

Seventeen-year-old Quinn Callaghan lives in the small, rustic town of Silver Mountain. Its location may be rural, but it is home to an ancient pine forest that surrounds a supernatural hotspot–a nexus of raw and powerful energy.

When a charismatic witch from Ireland, and a mysterious guy with a secret of his own are drawn to the area, Quinn finds out that she inherited her rare abilities from a revered ancestor. Could it be that she shares a bloodline with the Original Trinity? Nearly 300 years later, the Darkness is returning to Silver Mountain, and the Trinity must stop it.

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Author Bio

My love for writing began at a very young age–way before I could even type on a keyboard. I was always writing short stories and poems with a fan club of one (my mom.) I never stopped writing, but I don’t think I believed in myself enough to actually pursue it as a career.

When I enrolled in college, I took as many creative writing classes as they offered, and ended up graduating with a degree in photography and minoring in English.

I enjoy art in all its forms, but writing has always been my first love. Even when I was pursuing other careers, writing was always my go-to comfort. I later became an animal obedience instructor and met a children’s author through my dog training. She helped me get my foot through the door, so to speak, and I haven’t turned back since.

During the day, I manage an FBO at my local hometown airport, and by night, I dive into my writing with my husband and my four-legged children by my side.

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My Review

Paranormal is one of the genres I love to read and write, so when I saw this book and read the blurb I was very curious and had to join in the blog tour. Witchcraft and magic, werewolves, mystery, murder and romance, a lot of elements in this book that complemented well the plot and setting, especially with a great group of characters.

The story flows around Quinn, the female main character, a witch that is trying to deal with her powers, and that made her real and I could empathize with her, which was great. She’s a good student, she lost her mom, she has a best friend… I liked her a lot, she’s part of the supernatural community and she’s just a teenager too and that speaks to my inner woman and connects to the memories of the teenage Jess that loved Paranormal romance novels and would connected with everything related to magic. Then, of course a guy appears. That’s when things start to get really, really interesting.

As we keep reading the book we get pulled into this paranormal world and a battle between good and evil, and of course it has that aspect of “connecting with our heritage and who we are”. There are a lot of elements in this story that I loved and does are just two of them. Others were: the well written characters that felt real and dynamic, and of course their interaction with each other and their pasts; the storytelling and the flow of the novel, that had action and suspense moments, as well as the unfolding of new information.

I won’t say more or talk about the specifics of the plot because I seriously want you guys to enjoy the story and all it’s mysteries, plus it’s the first book in a series, it wouldn’t be much fun if I would tell you secrets of this novel that would spoil the magic. Let’s just say that it has action scene as much as mystery, suspense and romance ones.

Overall, loved it. I can’t wait to know what else this series is going to bring us and what more information us, readers, can uncover in this paranormal world.

It was the kind of book that would attract my attention no matter if it’s now or years from now because I have always had a soft spot for this kind of genre and plot. So I hope you guys can join this journey and follow Quinn as she discovers herself gains confidence in her magical abilities and joins a group of awesome people to accomplish a goal.

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“Ponto Sem Retorno” Review

Olá, meus caros!

Este é o primeiro post que crio neste blog que é em português. Por isso, meus queridos amigos e seguidores porugueses, eis a minha primeira review no blog the um livro de uma autora portuguesa.

Ponto Sem Retorno“, escrito por Gabriela Simões, é o primeiro livro da serie Giselle. E quero agradecer à Gabriela e à editora Edições Vieira da Silva, pela cópia deste livro. Esta review é a minha honesta opinião sobre o livro.


P1050526Giselle Levy é meio-bruxa e vive isolada do mundo com o seu avô, escondida do olhar do rei. É cuidadosa e astuta, contudo, numa tentativa de sobreviver, foi apanhada e chantageada por um dos príncipes de Kendrad, Cristian, que promete não a entregar, se ela for trabalhar para o palácio. Num dilema, ela coloca em perigo a sua identidade e passa a trabalhar no palácio, onde terá de lidar com as constantes tentativas de sedução do príncipe Cristian, os misteriosos olhares de príncipe Eli, os encontros escondidos com o seu melhor e único amigo, Rylan, e um rei desumano com segredos obscuros. Giselle vive numa constante incerteza e angústia de ser descoberta, amargurada pelo facto de não poder ser livre, encontra uma misteriosa sala, com um poderoso encantamento que poderá mudar tudo. Assertiva, inteligente e defensiva, irá deparar-se com uma escolha que mudará para sempre a sua vida e a ideia que tem si própria.

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Minha Review

P1070076Li este livro há uns bons meses, mas ainda não tinha sido capaz de escrever a review, pois diversos motivos que não tem a ver com o livro e a minha opinião sobre ele. De qualquer das formas, estou aqui e agora para dar a minha honesta review deste livro.

“Ponto Sem Retorno” é o primeiro livro da serie o que significa que já esperava um ritmo mais complexo, por não conhecer o mundo e as personagens, e algum mistério. E em certo ponto, foi isso que aconteceu. De uma forma geral, o conceito da história está interessante e a fantasia é um género que sempre teve um espaço no meu coração, e por tal motivo, já estava curiosa quanto ao aspeto mágico desta serie.

P1050524Esta história segue a Giselle, que (como podem ler no blurb) é meio-bruxa. Ao ler os primeiros capítulos, havia uma jovialidade e impaciência no tom da voz dela, o que me deu uns arrepios de nostalgia e deja vu. Fez-me lembrar algo que não sei bem o que é… Mas tal não é importante, porque quanto mais lia, mais curiosa ficava sobre o desenvolvimento da Giselle em termos de personalidade e da sua magia.

Durante esta aventura, Giselle conhece diversas pessoas, personagens que tem um papel importante (por mais pequeno ou grande que seja) na sua vida e no mundo. Sim, existe romance, e muitos podem gostar, ou não, da forma com a autora escreveu e descreveu esse elemento na história. Eu fiquei num limbo entre o “gostei” e o “estou curiosa e não sei o que pensar”, o que para mim é algo positivo.

P1060125Quanto às personagens, num geral, todos tinham personalidades e vozes distintas, dando dinamização ao ritmo do livro e fazendo com que as interações fosse visuais. Juntamente com as descrições e o mistério que ficou no ar, o livro tinha fluidez e deixou na minha mente diversas questões (ao longo da história, princípio ao fim) e imagens.

Ainda há muito quanto à magia e ao mundo que quero descobrir, mas tratando-se do primeiro livro da série, sei que ainda irei descobrir mais. Por isso, apesar de achar que ficaria mais satisfeita com o livro e história se tivesse mais contexto e informação, e achar que em certos pontos houve uma rapidez, posso dizer que fiquei curiosa com o que ocorrerá no segundo livro. E esse interesse por ler mais, é  igualmente um ponto positivo.

Em conclusão, gostei do livro, e para um primeiro livro deixou-me curiosa e pensativa. Aplaudo o trabalho árduo da Gabriela Simões por ter escrito esta história e estou pacientemente esperando pelo próximo livro.

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