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Hello Friends!

P1070470If you are following my Instagram account you know I one of Fablemarks influencer, and I had to come here and tell you about this bookmarks’ store.

I have gotten four bookmarks so far but haven’t taken photos with the last two I received because I’m using them on some books I’m reading with the kiddies at work. But you will see them on my account as soon as I take more photos.

Now, about the bookmarks. They are amazing! The print was well done, so the bookmarks are even more pretty than in any photo you may see. The colours pop, the bookmarks have a shining aspect to them. Overall, very good quality bookmarks.

P1070472Then the designs are awesome! I love the Pumba bookmarks. It’s my all time favourite character and now I can remember Hakuna Matata every time I use it while reading.

And then there is the shipping. The cost is good, and it arrived quite quickly and that just makes me excited about getting more.

If you are interesting in knowing what designs they have and to get new updates on future designs, check out their Instagram account.

And of course, check out their store and don’t forget to use my code JESS10 for a discount on your purchase.

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