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“When The Parachute Doesn’t Open” Review

Hello Friends!

As you all may know I’m friends with Chelsea Girard, and she’s an indie author with several books already published and she has a new one.

When The Parachute Doesn’t Open” is her new poetry book. I had the privilege to read it as part of her Beta Readers and I now bring you my review.

Thank you Chelsea for allowing me to be a part of this journey and give my honest review on this book.


When The Parachute Doesn’t Open, what happens when you fall?
Will you think about everything you accomplished or everything you haven’t done? This collection of poetry is derived from just this. What could have happened and what you can do about it.
When you fall,
make sure you have no stone upturned and nothing to wish you never did,
When The Parachute Doesn’t Open

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About Author

Screenshot_2018-10-19 Chelsea Girard no Instagram “HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO MY THIRD CHILD, A Delicate Flower 😭❤️🤣 This b[...]I review for professional book publishers such as Simon and Schuster Canada  and Hachette Books. I am always looking for a new book to review.

I tend to draw to novels that draw away from love stories and more towards suspense and personal experiences shared from one person to the next. I love books that make you feel for the character and give you a sense of fulfillment when you claim their happiness as you’re own.

I am always busy with school, work and with my family but I always leave time out of my day to relax with a book and some tea. For me, it’s a form of escape from the world that I am surrounded by, where I can escape to a world where I can draw a connection to the book characters and their stories.

​- Chelsea Girard

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My Review

Let’s just stop for a second and appreciate this cover and the fact that there is a new poetry book by Chelsea Girard. Okay, everyone ready? Because I have a lot to say.

P1070489First of all, even before I started reading I knew I would be an emotional wreck once I started, because from past reading experience with this author’s books that was what ended up happening. And I was right. I was crying, smiling, feeling empowered, inspired, connected with my memories and I felt as if someone finally got what I had been trying to say.

That’s the power of Chelsea Girard’s melodic writing style. She knows how to takes us on this journey through our own heart, soul and mind, by giving us not only food for thought, but also by provoking emotions and calling memories. That’s something I have always loved about her books and this one was another collection of poems that touched my heart.

I may have broken down in front of you
But that doesn’t mean
I broke down because of you.

~ Chelsea Girard

A lot of poems took me down memory lane. I remembered my past, I thought about my own experiences, and some poems connected with that as if they were my words, the words for the feelings I had at that time. Other poems made me think about those memories in a new light.

There are some poems here she was like redacted, obscured, most of the text but some chosen words. I loved that concept in the book, because sometimes we do that in our lives, we obscure some parts of what we are feeling or thinking. At least, I know I do that.

P1070488I was also inspired, and I have had new ideas for stories I’m working on, because of the emotions I felt, because the poems connected with a characters I had in my mind, because I started to thinking about something I hadn’t wonder about before. So the poems were thought provoking to me.

Overall, I loved this collection of poems. I loved how I felt connected to this energy, this essence that is part of all of us.

I felt calm in the end, after the rollercoaster of emotions, memories and thoughts, I felt at home. Just like I feel after talking to my mom or my best friends. I felt like that because it was like I had poured out my heart and had someone that loved me beside me, listening, giving me hugs and understanding what I could and couldn’t say out-loud.

An amazing and powerful book that I highly recommend. That’s it…

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