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“Never Fall For Your Fiancée” Review

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I have been away since I started work, I will try to get back to reviewing books, and today I bring one. A book from an author I enjoy.

Never Fall For Your Fiancée“, written by Virginia Health, is a Historical Romantic Comedy, the first book in The Merriwell Sisters Series, published November 9th 2021 by St. Martin’s Griffin.

Thank you Virginia Heath for the eCopy of the book and for allowing me to read this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.



The first in a new historical rom-com series, a handsome earl hires a fake fiancée to keep his matchmaking mother at bay, but hilarity ensues when love threatens to complicate everything.

The last thing Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, ever wants is a wife. Unfortunately for him, his mother is determined to find him one, even from across the other side of the ocean. So, Hugh invents a fake fiancée to keep his mother’s matchmaking ways at bay. But when Hugh learns his interfering mother is on a ship bound for England, he realizes his complicated, convoluted but convenient ruse is about to implode. Until he collides with a beautiful woman, who might just be the miracle he needs.

Minerva Merriwell has had to struggle to support herself and her two younger sisters ever since their feckless father abandoned them. Work as a woodcut engraver is few and far between, and the Merriwell sisters are nearly penniless. So, when Hugh asks Minerva to pose as his fiancée while his mother is visiting, she knows that while the scheme sounds ludicrous, the offer is too good to pass up.

Once Minerva and her sisters arrive at Hugh’s estate, of course, nothing goes according to his meticulous plan. As hilarity and miscommunication ensue, while everyone tries to keep their tangled stories straight, Hugh and Minerva’s fake engagement starts to turn into a real romance. But can they trust each other, when their relationship started with a lie?

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Author Bio

The Mysterious Lord Millcroft - Virginia Heath

Virginia Heath lives on the outskirts of London with her understanding husband and two, less understanding, teenagers. After spending years teaching history, she decided to follow her dream of writing for Harlequin. Now she spends her days happily writing regency romances, creating heroes that she falls in love with and heroines who inspire her. When she isn’t doing that, Virginia likes to travel to far off places, shop for things that she doesn’t need or read romances written by other people.

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My Review

Virginia Health’s books are always on my list, every time a new book is release or is going to be release, I get curious and excited. When I saw this book I was intrigued.

“Never Fall for Your Fiancée” is a Historical Rom-Com, and it wasn’t a surprise. Something I always loved about Virginia Health’s books is the humor in it, because it gave a good balance to the romance and the historical context. Rom-Com’s wasn’t something I thought I would like when I was young, but the added of historical aspects was something that really made me curious. That been said, this book was just spot on, in terms of genre.

As we follow Minerva and Hugh we go on a new journey. We get to know a new-to-us family, and a new social group, since this is the start of a new series. Those of us that have read other books by the author, we know that she give us amazing male characters, and in this story I was not disappoint.

Minerva is one of the Merriwell and she is asked by Hugh Standish, the Earl of Fareham, to pose as his fiancée. I loved that kind of trope. The fake fiancée plot can bring so many possibilities, and Virginia Health did a brilliant job, not that I excepted any less. And the plot of the book had a good development, that and the pace allowed me to understand the characters’ motivations and their background. It all made sense with the romance and how it begun.

Overall, it was amazing to go back to Virginia Health’s world, and to a brand new series with family in the mix. It was a very fun and lovely book to read, specially while resting and relaxing. It gave me laughs, it made me happy, it made me curious, it made me love the characters and want to be a part of the Merriwell Sisters.

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