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Today has been a crazy day since it was my aunt’s birthday, but I’m back and I bring you two reviews and another special post. To start, here is the first review of the night.

28 Days“, written by Sue Parritt, is a Speculative fiction novel, published on 21th May 2021.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, Sue Parritt for the eCopy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Melbourne, February 2100. Emma Cartwright has 28 days left to find work, otherwise she must report to the Productive Citizens Bureau and accept any vacancy, regardless of location, pay or conditions.

Her situation becomes even more grave when the Employment Positions Portal is disabled and the government refuses to extend her unemployment period. At 70, Emma could opt for voluntary euthanasia, but she has her student son Jack to support.

After a chance meeting with the eccentric Cal Ritchie, founder of the clandestine group Citizens’ Voice and supporter of those fleeing repressive laws to live in bush camps, Emma is determined to escape her life of compliance.

When her son Jack is suddenly arrested, Emma finds herself running out of time and options, and has to take drastic measures. But can she save her son?

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About the Author

Sue Parritt Author Photo

Originally from England, and now living on the Mornington Peninsula, south-east of Melbourne, Sue worked in university libraries until taking early retirement in 2008 to concentrate on writing novels. Creative writing has been a passion since her teenage years, with short stories, poetry and articles published in magazines and anthologies in Australia, the US and the UK.  To date, Sue has written nine novels:

Sannah and the Pilgrim, first in a trilogy of a future dystopian Australia focusing on climate change and the harsh treatment of refugees from drowned Pacific islands. Odyssey Books, 2014. Commended in the FAW Christina Stead Award, 2014.

Pia and the Skyman. Along with Kaire, pilgrim and skyman, Sannah’s daughter, Pia continues her people’s fight for freedom. Odyssey Books, 2016. Commended in the FAW Christina Stead Award, 2016.

The Sky Lines Alliance: three groups join forces to overthrow the brutal Australian government. Odyssey Books, 2016.

Chrysalis, the story of a perceptive girl growing up in a Quaker family in Swinging Sixties’ Britain. Morning Star Press, 2017

Re-Navigation recounts a life turned upside down when Julia, aged 40, journeys from the sanctuary of middle-class Australian suburbia to undertake a retreat at a college located on an isolated Welsh island. Creativia Publishing, 2019.

Feed Thy Enemy, based on Sue’s father’s experiences, is an account of courage and compassion in the face of trauma as a British airman embarks on a plan that risks all to feed a starving, war-stricken Italian family. Creativia Publishing, 2019.

A Question of Country explores the migrant experience through the protagonist’s lifelong search for meaningful identity. Next Chapter, April 2020.

Sue’s current project, The Reluctant Doorkeeper Trilogy, set in Melbourne, 2100-2105, explores the problem of overpopulation and extended life expectancy in an increasingly climate-challenged world and the inhumane solutions adopted by a government determined to rid Australia of unproductive citizens.

Book 1, 28 Days, sees Emma, aged 70, emerge from a life of compliance to one of civil disobedience when the Employment Positions Portal is disabled during the final 28 days of her Government Allocated Unemployment Period.

Book 2, Next Step, follows Emma’s first year as a Trainee Doorkeeper, her role to assign appropriate positions to unemployed citizens, and her unofficial work for political change.

Book 3 will deal with a citizens’ revolution, as the population learn the truth about the role of Fully-Trained Doorkeepers.

Passionate about social justice, Sue’s goal as a fiction writer is to continue creating intrepid characters prepared to risk their lives to effect positive change in a troubled world. She intends to write for as long as possible, believing the extensive life experiences of older writers can be employed to engage readers of all ages.

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My Review

There are a lot of genres I haven’t explore a lot, and Speculative fiction is one of them. Yet, I gave it a shot, with no expectation except to try something different. I can say it really was. It was a fascinating story and I was mind blown by the world building.

“28 Days” had an amazing feel to it that I almost wish it was also a movie, it would be great visual story. And as we follow Emma Cartwright we are taken into a journey that not only left us thinking about the world and our future, but also the meaning of life, our roles in society, and the cultural and political changes that could happen.

It is a dystopian, and I don’t have enough experience with it to comment on it. What I can say is that it was an enjoyable story, that grabbed my attention, made me connect with the characters despite the difference between our world and theirs, and it made my mind work with all the thought provoking themes, the tone in the writing, the scenery, the cultural and social aspects and the drama and darkness in the plot.

Overall, this was the beginning of a series and it was quite a good start. I had no real idea what the book would be about, or how it would impact the reading experience, and it was brilliant. I hope I can get to read the next books, because I’m very curious to see where the story is going and I want some answers about certain characters.

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