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“The Railway Girls in Love” Review

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I had a big day today and I has only able to post this review right now. I do hope you are curious about this book

The Railway Girls in Love, written by Maisie Thomas, is a Historical Fiction and  Women’s fiction novel, the third book in The Railway Girls Series, published on April 15th 2021 by Arrow.

I want to thank Maisie Thomas and Penguin Random House UK – Arrow for the Copy of this book, and for allowing me to join in the fun and being a part of the blog tour with my honest review of the book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


Love is in the air, and together the railway girls can overcome even the hardest of times.

Mabel has finally put the past behind her, and her relationship with the dashing Harry is stronger than ever. That is, until an old flame shows up, leaving Mabel questioning her future.

Meanwhile Joan has made amends with Bob – if only she could do the same with Gran. And there’s still that family mystery she wants answer to, isn’t there?

As a mother and grandmother, Dot Green has always put her family first. Her job as a parcels porter has brought new purpose to her life, so is it finally time to start following her heart . . .

Life as a railway girl is busy but as war rages on and air raids disrupt daily life, the women realise they need each other more than ever, especially when there might be wedding bells on the horizon.

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About the Author

Maisie Thomas was born and brought up in Manchester, which provides the location for her Railway Girls novels. She loves writing stories with strong female characters, set in times when women needed determination and vision to make their mark. The Railway Girls series is inspired by her great aunt Jessie, who worked as a railway clerk during the First World War. Maisie now lives on the beautiful North Wales coast with her railway enthusiast husband, Kevin, and their two rescue cats. They often enjoy holidays chugging up and down the UK’s heritage steam railways.

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My Review

This book is part of a series, and although I usually like to read series in order, I don’t mind jumping books when it’s historical novels. And this one just made me excited about the previous books, plus I was able to understand what was happening in the story, it just made me curious to learn about the past.

The Railway Girls in Love… What amazing title! Very captivation. A book set in Manchester, during WWII, and following three amazing women – Mabel, Joan and Dot.

Now, I have read books set during the World War II, and it’s always something that touches my heart. Although Portugal was not really in the war, and although there is a lot of things about that time period that I don’t know, I love historical novels that open my eyes and get me going.

This book truly made me curious about the entire railway element. And I’m always intrigued to see the women’s role during these time periods. I do believe that not only is it thought provoking about the society and the war, but it also allows me to have some points that I want to research when I don’t know something.

Now, the characters… Mabel, Joan and Dot were amazing, I loved them so much and I want to read the other two books so I can see how their lives got to the place that I met them in. They felt familiar and inspiring in a way. I could connect to them and I could understand them as well as getting exciting for each moment and goal accomplished.

Overall, I loved the story and I need to read the previous books so I understand the entire journey, just based on this novel I’m sold on the series.

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