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“Memoirs of a Karate Fighter” Review

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It’s review time this pretty Sunday.

Memoirs of a Karate Fighter“, written by Ralph Robb, is a Memoir, that was published on February 2021.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Ralph Robb for the eCopy of this book and for allowing me to join in the fun and being a part of the blog tour with my honest review of the book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Memoirs of a Karate Fighter Cover

Novelist and former karate champion Ralph Robb recounts his experiences at one of Europe’s toughest dojos and provides an insight into the philosophy and training methods of a club which produced national, European and world titleholders. In a hard-hitting story, Ralph tells of the fights on and off the mat; his experiences as one of a very few black residents in an area in which racist members of the National Front were very active; and the tragic descent into mental illness and premature death of the training partner who was also his best friend.

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About the Author

Ralph Robb Auhor Photo

Ralph Robb was born and raised in the industrial town of Wolverhampton, England and now lives in Ontario Canada with his wife, cat and dog. A proud father of four, Robb works as an engineering technician and loves rugby, martial arts and a good book. His world is balanced by quality TV, global events, great outdoors and of course his grand-daughter.

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My Review

This was quite an unique experience. I have always found martial arts fascinating, although I must admit I don’t know much. This book was fantastic for various reasons and one of them was because it gave the reader some insights into Karate.

The other thing I loved about the book were the quotes at the beginning. Here is my favourite:

“Know the smallest things and the biggest things; the shallowest things and the deepest things.” Miyamoto Musashi– The Ground Book

From the very beginning we knew this has a memoir, but what I found wonderful was that the book didn’t felt “fact intense”. It was kind of like a documentary in a way. It had that seriousness element, the one that made me think, and learn too. On the other hand, it had a good flow and storytelling sound that made it easy to read.

It can be hard to review a memoir, it’s not like one can comment on the plot because it’s the real life, but what I can say is that Ralph Robb did an amazing job at getting the reader to connect with the story and with him.

Overall, I loved the book. It was informative and interesting. I loved how the book also focused on important topics and themes in a thought provoking way.

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