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“The Mother’s Day Club” Review

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I feel like this is my year for Historical Fiction, I have been reading many books in that big genre and I’m enjoying this journey. Today I bring you a review of one of those books.

The Mother’s Day Club“, written by Rosie Hendry, is a Historical Fiction novel, the first book in the Women on the Home Front Series, published 18th February 2021 by Little Brown, Sphere.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, Rosie Hendry and Little Brown Sphere for the eCopy of this book, via NetGalley, and for allowing me to join in the fun and being a part of the blog tour with my honest review of the book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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The Mother’s Day Club Cover

Meet the women on the home front . . .

1939. When the residents of Great Plumstead offer to open up their homes to evacuees from London, they’re preparing to care for children. So when a train carrying expectant mothers pulls into the station, the town must come together to accommodate their unexpected new arrivals . . .

Sisters Prue and Thea welcome the mothers with open arms, while others fear their peaceful community will be disrupted. But all pregnant Marianne seeks is a fresh start for herself and her unborn child. Though she knows that is only possible as long as her new neighbours don’t discover the truth about her situation.

The women of Great Plumstead, old and new, are fighting their own battles on the home front. Can the community come together in a time of need to do their bit for the war effort?

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About the Author

Rosie Hendry Author Photo

Rosie Hendry lives by the sea in Norfolk with her husband and children. A former teacher and research scientist, she’s always loving reading and writing. She started off writing short stories for magazines, her stories gradually becoming longer as her children grew bigger.

Listening to her father’s tales of life during the Second World War sparked Rosie’s interest in this period and she’s especially intrigued by how women’s lives changed during the war years. She loves researching further, searching out gems of real life events which inspire her writing.

When she’s not working, Rosie enjoys walking along the beach, reading and is grateful for the fact that her husband is a much better cook than her.

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My Review

There is powerful feeling to a Saga – historical novel. Maybe because the events happening are closer to our present and hearts. Maybe because of these events that marked our history. Maybe because of the people that are portrayed.

This book is the first in a series, so it’s an introduction to a group of people and the circumstances and background of the characters. So, we met Marianne and Thea… they were really amazing. Read about them was like reading about a family member I never knew. They had that familiar feeling and I connected with them.

Friendship, family, country life, war, drama, secrets… There are a lot being explored in the novel. We can’t help but be focus and want to know more. We are not only transported to this time period, but also to a plot that although fictional with characters created by the author, it sounded as authentic as any of our grandparents’ tales.

Overall, I enjoyed it so much. It had all I look for in this kind of book. It had a realistic setting and narrative. It had amazing characters that made me connect with their stories and their lives. It had enough secrets, danger and drama. It had the interactions needed to understand the plot, the flow of the novel and for me to see the characters almost in real light.

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