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“Wicked Writing Skills: Over 90 non-fiction activities for children” Review

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Today’s review is going to be extra special and I hope you enjoy it.

Wicked Writing Skills: Over 90 non-fiction activities for children“, written by Lexi Rees, is an Activity book for Children / Middle Grade (7+), published on September 2020, and it’s part of the Creative Writing Skills activity book series.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Lexi Rees for the eCopy of this book and for allowing me to join in the fun and being a part of the blog tour with my honest review of the book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Wicked Writing Skills Cover

Writing is like a spell. It can melt hearts and fry brains, twisting and turning as the magic works.

Want the world to fall at your feet, destroyed by the might of your pen?

– Sharpen your powers of persuasion

– Sky-rocket your debating skills

– Add ooomph to your reports

– And lots more!

Packed with top tips, this awesome workbook has everything you need to know to become a WICKED WRITER.

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About The Author

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Lexi Rees was born in Scotland but now lives down south. She writes action-packed adventures brim full of witch-doctors, fortune-tellers, warriors and smugglers, combining elemental magic with hints of dystopia. She also writes fun activity books for children. 

Her fantasy adventure, Eternal Seas, was awarded a “loved by” badge from LoveReading4Kids. The sequel, Wild Sky, is available now. 

She’s passionate about developing a love of reading and writing in children and, as well as her Creative Writing Skills workbook, she has an active programme of school visits and other events, is a Book PenPal for three primary schools, and runs a free online #kidsclub and newsletter which includes book recommendations and creative writing activities.

In her spare time, she’s a keen crafter and spends a considerable amount of time trying not to fall off horses or boats.

Social Media Links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


When I saw this book I knew it was the perfect book to get my best-friend in on a blog tour. Nance is a teacher here in Portugal, and I thought it was a brilliant idea to get her opinion on a book whose goal is to teach kids and give activities that will help them explore the new skills in writing non-fiction pieces.

I read the book and I found myself thinking about the activities and what my answers would be. That’s how fun they were to me, and I can see how they could be to children as well. They make you think of fun and interesting points and topics.

In terms of structure, I believe the book is perfectly constructed. Both for teachers, educators or parents to use, as well as for the kids. It was simple but catchy. The way the chapters were created and the images and notes it had.

Something I love is that, although the book is in English, it can be adapted to any language, because the bases are universal. And the objective is to get children to learn about the different non-fiction aspects of writing and get them to think. Well, it would also be a perfect exercise if you are learning a foreigner language. Thinking and writing in another language, but debating and giving opinions, is a good way to start.

Now, let me share the opinions of someone that truly has knowledge and experience in the matter. Here is Nance’s review of the book:

One of the most important things for me, as a teacher, is critical thinking. It’s difficult, nowadays. Most kids are design to think a certain way, or not to think at all, to be honest. This book remind me of this crucial base.

We have some writing activities, for different text styles, but there are some commons elements that I appreciate. For example, in most of them, kids are encouraged to write about opinions, think about the most curious subjects, give reasons, debate. And, even when the objective is learning and thinking, they still can imagine and enter in a whole creative world.

I love the questions, like “Is fantasy better than real life?” or how would you teach an alien to swim?. Yes, they have to think, explain and write it the best they can, but they have to imagine too. And creativity is another foundation.

I love the activities and they could easily be adapted to Portuguese! I will certain use some of them.


Overall, as you can see from both our thoughts, we do recommend the book.


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2 thoughts on ““Wicked Writing Skills: Over 90 non-fiction activities for children” Review

  1. Thanks so much to both you and Nance for the amazing review! I’m so pleased you involved a teacher as it is important to me that it works for both fun and educational perspectives.

    The first book, Creative Writing Skills, has been translated into German and Italian and Spanish coming out in 2021. Maybe we will soon get a Portuguese version too 🙂

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