Promo Post: “Song of the Nightingale” by Marilyn Pemberton

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I hope you are all doing well this lovely Saturday. It is a very special day for so many reasons. Besides de announcement I will be making, and the review, I bring you now a promo post.

Song of the Nightingale“, written by Marilyn Pemberton, is a Historical Fiction novel published on December 14th 2019 by The Conrad Press.


Song of the Nightingale - Front coverPhilippe, the narrator of this tale, is secretary to Count De Lorenzo, and lover to the Count’s young wife. He is tasked with buying young boys from poor villagers, having them castrated and taking them to Florence to be taught to sing as castrati. The parents are told that their sons are especially blessed with their wonderful voices and they do not object to the boys making a physical sacrifice in order to thank and praise the Lord; nor to the bag of gold they are given in exchange.

The boys are innocents, victims of circumstances beyond their control. Surely they can have nothing to do with a barber’s mysterious death, or the suicide of an abusive Jesuit priest?

This is a tale of passion, revenge, guilt, regret, loss and redemption.

Don’t forget to add the book to your Goodreads TBR if you find it interesting: Song of the Nightingale.

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About the Author

Marilyn Pemberton has always worked in IT and until October 2019 she was a full-time project manager. Now that she’s retired she can focus on the thing she loves most – writing.

At the age of 40 she did a part-time BA degree in Literature at Warwick, which progressed to an MA and then a PhD, her thesis being “Glimpses of Utopia & Dystopia in Victorian Fairylands”. As a result of giving a paper on fairy tales she was approached by a publisher who suggested she gather together some lesser known fairy tales and as a result “Enchanted Ideologies: A Collection of Rediscovered Nineteenth-Century English Moral Fairy Tales” was published by The True Bill Press in 2010.

She has just finished her second novel, “Song of the Nightingale”, published by The Conrad Press. And she’s now working on her third novel, whose working title is “Grandmothers’ Footsteps”.

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