“Coffee In Castillo” Review

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I hope you are all doing well this lovely day, because if not, I hope this review brings you at least some smiles. I read this book last year, but this is one of the of those books that I’m getting to review now.

Coffee In Castillo“, written by Shona Silverman, was published on 19th December 2017.

I received a complimentary copy of this book thanks to Shona Silverman. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


51i8MwBuuULThings change. Life changes.

Yesterday, pretty artist Abbey was married. Today she is single. What will happen tomorrow? The same boring job, surely. Night after night in the tiresome company of her lazy, bickering teenage son and her grumpy, ageing mother. Loneliness under the miserable grey skies of England.

Tomorrow comes and Abbey is right, but only just. She still has that dull job but could not have guessed that it would take her on a business trip to Spain. And how could she have anticipated meeting charming expat writer Lewis there? Suave and handsome, Lewis lives in a different world. His realm is filled with light, warmth and passion. Is there room for Abbey in this place? Could this be her last chance in love?

Things are changing, quickly. Driven by her desire for love, seduced by sunlight and Lewis’ emerald eyes, Abbey braves the challenges of a strange country. She finds herself drawn inexorably deeper into his world. Compelling and charismatic, Lewis is irresistible yet unreachable. The lines of love are drawn in the sand and the battle to capture his heart begins.

Join Abbey in this heartening, nimbly-paced romance. Share her hopes and fears, her sorrow and joy. Leave the chill rain of England behind and experience the exotic heat of the Spanish summer. Laugh with the locals in a little café, mingle with colourful fiesta crowds, walk with Abbey along a lonely seashore.

Will Abbey win Lewis’ love? Can her dream become reality? The answers lie in the sultry world of Coffee In Castillo.

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About the Author

Shona is a British novelist and copywriter. Her short stories, full-length novels and countless articles appear in print and on websites around the world. She loves to travel, sometimes to research scenes for her work and other times simply for the pleasure of it. Everything that Shona writes comes straight from the heart.

Coffee In Castillo is Shona’s second novel. A nimbly-paced page-turner, this contemporary romance is an engaging love story whose brightly-drawn scenes play out in the exotic warmth of a Spanish paradise.

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My Review

I read this book back in 2018, and it was the first novel I have ever read of this author. When I read the synopsis I was curious because it sounded like a journey, and I was not wrong.

As we follow Abbey on her trip to Castillo, in Spain, that let us meet the other characters. I loved reading about Abbey’s interactions with the characters, especially Lewis, because of the various personalities.

Maybe in the future Shona Silverman can written another book following this amazing place and it’s people. I would actually enjoyed that, because it would give me an even bigger understanding of the characters, and I love to know more about the background.

I liked the plot also, it had a relaxed and sweet pace at moments, made me laugh certain times. We go along with the events – good, bad, and everything in between – and have fun in the little café, almost side by side with the Abbey.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel and how the storyline developed. I was even excited about a couple of moments and emotional in others, which is something that I like to feel because it makes me connected with the story, as well as feeling like I’m part of that world.

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