Thankful Sunday

Thankful Sunday: Literary Critique

Hello Friends!

So I decided to start doing something special, a Thank You kind of post. A thank you to the people that have given me support through out this journey.

This Sunday it’s a Thank You to Sam!

Sam, aka Literary Critique, is a blogger, bookstagrammer, booktuber and writer. She’s my best friend on Instagram and I so wish I can visit her soon. But let’s focus on Sam…

instagram Sam

First of all, I met Sam thanks to Instagram, and if you use that platform you should check her out. From the amazing photos to the discussions in the posts, not only is she friendly and open to talk about books and writing, she gives amazing book recommendations and it’s always interesting to see what books she’s reading because if I have read them, we can share our options.

In her Instagram account she also does some writing update. And since I’m very curious about her book, of course I’m always looking forward to those videos and posts.

Also, let’s not forget her fur baby Kent! He’s a cutie pie. Always brings me a smile when I see him in Sam’s photos.

Speaking of writing, let’s not forget Twitter, where Sam updates us on her writing and gives advices, share her thoughts and sometimes generate some discussion on different aspects of bookish life (readers and writers).

Another platform is her blog. Like I said, she’s a blogger, and she posts very regularly. From reviews of books, series, to writing tips, blogging about our bookish life like talking about current reads, top favorites and tags. And this is an amazing place for everyone to interact with her because of various reason:

  • One, she makes many good points in her posts.
  • Two, her posts have many topics and even if it’s a review of a book you haven’t read yet, you can always read it because there aren’t spoilers and when there are, she will let us all know beforehand.
  • Three, she’s funny and you can relate to what she is say. You can connect with her, since she’s not a snob or narcissistic.
  • Four, you go check out and see for yourself.

On another note…

More recently, since the start of the year, Sam has entered the world of the Bookish community in Youtube. In her channel you can find reviews of books, bookish boxes unboxing, tags, TBR and Wraps, and let’s not forget the extra writing updates that I’m always dying for.

She did an introduction video on her channel and here it is:

Let’s say, that I love her and she’s one of the sweetest, funniest, friendlier person I met, and that’s why I needed to start this feature with her. She deserves all the love in the world.

That been said, go check out all her social media platforms, and enjoy all she has to say. You won’t regret it!

Don’t forget to comment, don’t be stranger. If you have any book recommendation you can leave a message using the form on my Contact Me page.

If you are an author or publisher and want me to do a review of a book please check out my Request Review page to learn more about the reviewing policies.

I always welcome new books to add to my list and I’m always excited to do reviews and read books. And I’m open to debate and exchange opinions, so let’s talk.

Also, if you would like to join me as a guest on my blog, check out the Guests Post page to know more and contact me so we can start planing your visit.




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