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“Angels Can’t Swim” Review

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Today I bring you my review of a coming-of-age novella called “Angels Can’t Swim“, written by Alexandra McCann, published on June 17, 2018.

I red this book last year, and it’s one of those I have on the list to review this year. So here it is! I’m sorry it took a while.

Thank you Alexandra McCann for the eCopy of your book so I could experience this journey. All the opinions and thoughts are my own honest review.


40606420Angels Can’t Swim is an original, honest coming-of-age novella that examines what goes on behind the scenes for three college swimmers. Jenna, Maggie, and Eden are each incredibly different in their personalities and struggles, yet under pressure they must come together in this compelling story of friendship and what it means to be a good teammate. While balancing the pressures of swimming at a high level and also dealing with the realities of college life, the three young women grow immensely as individual people and in their bonds with each other. In portraying these bonds, the novella tackles important issues such as eating disorders and what it means to be an LGBTQ young person. This intense, unforgettable novella is a must-read for young adults, college students, and all people who wish to take a glimpse into a world not often seen.

About Author

Alexandra McCann is a newly published author.

She loves to swim, hike, read, and hang out with friends and family. Angels Can’t Swim is her first published work. 

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My Review

This interesting, unique and thought provoking novel follows three young women whose lives are intertwine, and as we read about them we are taken on a emotional journey, watching them deal with all the obstacles and figuring things out. That been said, I was quite curious from the very beginning, feeling empathy to the characters and feeling as if I was their friend.

Maggie, Eden and Jenna are their names. With passion for swimming and issues that will take them on a rollercoaster ride, full of twists and turns, combined with drama, friendship and family relationships that can be as crazy as the real deal. So I liked that aspect of the book, the sense of reality in the book.

Although swimming is an important element in this coming-of-age story, it’s so much more that the sport and the characters love for it. Truly, it is about life, a side of life that some people may have not read or know much about, so I was excited about the chance to read each page and enter this storyline and go on a ride with the characters. Coming-of-age book always makes me reflect of life and this one certainly did that for me.

Overall, it was an amazing book that allowed me to think about the struggles a lot of people have to deal with, plus, it allowed me to reflect on my own personal life and all the interactions I have with people, as well as think about what my friends and family have to deal with. Because sometimes we don’t really think about other members in our society, and we don’t really listen to them, and by not doing it, we ended up not helping when we could have.

It is a short novel, so it was a quick, but powerful and emotional, read. So I think more people should give it a chance and read this book, following those tree characters and think for themselves about the topics expressed in this novel.

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