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“Love & Other Things” Review

Hello Friends!

Today is a very special day and I’m not saying that because it’s Friday, but because it’s release day!

If you have been following me on Instagram and here on my blog, you may know that I have been super supportive of my dear friend’s Chelsea Girard. And I have been supportive because her books are amazing and I’m so proud of her and she deserves all the love in the world.

Today is the release of her 5th published novel called “Love & Other Things“. I had the pleasure to read it and I am now, here, reviewing it. So I want to thank Chelsea for allowing me this chance.


43794728All her life, Rylee has only known doctor visits, medicine and a life of being told “everything will be okay.” After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, her life is turned upside down once again when she starts to not only lose weight and her hair but she also starts to lose herself in the process.When she overhears a conversation from her doctor that she is getting worse, she will do anything to live the last days she has and to experience love and other things.That is, until she meets Owen.With both of them wanting to run away and a bucket list to be filled, Owen and Rylee take on the world one adventure at a time but this adventure comes with a few twists and hidden lies.

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About Author

Screenshot_2018-10-19 Chelsea Girard no Instagram “HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO MY THIRD CHILD, A Delicate Flower 😭❤️🤣 This b[...]I review for professional book publishers such as Simon and Schuster Canada  and Hachette Books. I am always looking for a new book to review.

I tend to draw to novels that draw away from love stories and more towards suspense and personal experiences shared from one person to the next. I love books that make you feel for the character and give you a sense of fulfillment when you claim their happiness as you’re own.

I am always busy with school, work and with my family but I always leave time out of my day to relax with a book and some tea. For me, it’s a form of escape from the world that I am surrounded by, where I can escape to a world where I can draw a connection to the book characters and their stories.

​- Chelsea Girard

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My Review

P1070268First of all let me say that this book is a short story. That been said, to me it was like a rollercoaster until the very end. It was an emotional story that touched my heart, and being a rollercoaster kind of experience, it left me extremely excited and emotional and it was a quick experience, but one that was amazing, bittersweet and memorable.

There are a lot of things I could say about this book, but will probably forget half of them because they could never fit in one review only, and also I don’t want to spoil anything. So let me just say that reading about Rylee’s story touched my heart and reminded me of all of my family members that have dealt with cancer. And believe me, I cried while reading this book because I really connected with Rylee.

P1070248There is a bit of mystery in this book and that kept me going and trying to figure things out before the information was revealed. And until the very last page, the very last line, I was at the edge of my seat, waiting for each word and each new piece to put the puzzle back together.

Then there is the fact that we really get to experience life through Rylee’s eyes, and we get to read her thoughts and feel what she was feeling, at least to a certain degree of course. That’s why I felt connected with her. She is such a relatable character, strong minded, and honest. So I was sad for her and once I got to know her more, I was even more sad and mad at the world. Just like if she was a family member of mine.

And, there is a romance. Owen comes into the story and makes everything better. Every moment that Rylee was with him made me happy. And of course they are together on this journey and that just made me smile and excited about them having some happiness.

P1070244The book is full of characters that are just intriguing. Rylee’s moms are awesome, I love them and I wish I could read about their love story. The doctors were kind and I love that too. I have been to a lot of doctor’s appointment with my grandparents and oncologists were always the ones that made me scared, but the ones I meet were kind and sometimes funny and put people at ease, so I love seeing that kindness in this book.

Overall, I love the book. It still maintained Chelsea Girard’s melody in her writing style. I just loved it. Despite wanting more, I understand that it had to be a novella, it had to be this way and it had to follow this journey. So I applaud the author for her amazing abilities and for creating such powerful and emotional story and an amazing set of characters.

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