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“Painting Blue Water” Review

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Here I am again to share another review of a great book. It’s the third review I have posted today so far, and I hope you guys get curious about this book.

Painting Blue Water” is a women’s fiction/chick lit standalone novel, written by Leigh Fossan, and published on May 31st, 2018.

I want to thank Rachel, at Rachel’s Random Resources, and Leigh for the eCopy of this book and for allowing me to join in the fun and by being a part of the blog tour with my honest review of the book.

Painting Blue Water


Painting-Blue-Water-EBOOKKatherine Ross, a struggling artist-turned-successful-businesswoman, has a life many would envy. At only thirty-one years old, Katherine runs one of the top luxury real-estate firms in Manhattan, and she lives in a fabulous loft with her dreamy husband. That is, of course, until her marriage comes to a screeching halt, forcing Katherine to face the truths she’s been burying deep within her heart. She hasn’t been happy for a long time. And her life, while glamorous, is not the life she ever wanted.

Fighting through the fog of her confusion and pain, Katherine makes the daring, or possibly insane, choice to start over somewhere new. She leaves her business, her friends, and the city behind, while she ventures alone to the mountains in hopes of rediscovering her artistic roots in a place surrounded by beauty, peace, and quiet.

But life in Bluewater isn’t as simple as it may seem, and when her art career suddenly begins to take off in this unlikely setting, Katherine finds herself torn between two worlds. Does she pursue her lifelong dream and become the world-famous artist she always wanted to be? Or does she open her heart to the possibility of new dreams and a life she never imagined?

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Author Bio

Leigh Ann 2Painting Blue Water is the debut novel for Leigh Fossan. A creative soul at heart, Leigh grew up with a paintbrush in her hand, and went on to study the arts in Florence, Italy. While abroad, Leigh was one of the few recipients of the Coluccio Salutati Award for Creative Writing. Today, Leigh is a professional artist and her paintings are collected around the world. She lives in Colorado with her artist husband, and their young daughter, who wants to be a scientist.

​You can see Leigh’s paintings at

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My Review

P1060885From the cover, title and the blurb to the fact that this is the author’s debut novel… I know I had to read it and I know I would love this book. And I was right! Leigh Fossan present us her first book with beauty in her writing style and strong and important subjects that are discussed and presented in this plot.

We have Katherine the main character… as we follow her life and learn about her past and dream we see that she has been hurt in the past and she’s dealing with a lot of personal problems. So, she goes to Bluewater for a fresh start and a place to heal and grow. In this beautiful town Katherine meets a lot of people that also have past and have come there to escape or deal with that past.

P1060915This book has so amazing from all the characters and their interactions and all their stories that enriches the overall storyline, to the descriptions. Those interactions were fun to read about, you could met the characters and feel empathy or be curious. And it was great to see the development of the plot with the growth of the characters and their relationships. And Bluewater is a small-town, which meant I could relate to the dynamic, since I live in a small-town, it’s something that is close to my heart.

P1060925Now… let me tell you about those descriptions. They gave the book a sense of reality. I could visualize and (almost) feel everything. They gave the setting of this novel truth and reality, they made us connect with the place and time. Besides, the author’s abilities with the use of words gave made the description seemed like a beautiful and picturesque painting, which was perfect because of Katherine’s connection with art.

I don’t know much about art, unless we are talking about writing, but I enjoy admiring a painting or sculpture. And there is a connection to it, like I said before, and that was something I liked in the book too. Anyway, it was an aspect in the book that made it possible to really know Katherine, because she puts herself in her art and that’s just beautiful.

P1060884It was an emotional book. It was about personal growth and change, about self-worth and self-belief, it was about a new start. It had romance and drama that gave the book a some good pillars to the plot and for the subjects to be talked about. The flow of the story was good and it captivated my attention from start to finish, so in an overall view, I loved the book.

From the romance to the dram, from the beautiful, colorful and captivating descriptions, to the atmosphere in this book… every single aspect that made this book special is a reason why Painting Blue Water is a book that I recommend.

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