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“The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride” Review

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Like I said in a previous post… I’m trying to get back on track and review all the book I have read in the past few months. So here I am with another review, and who doesn’t love pirate’s stories?!

The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride“, written by Anne Stryker, is a quick novella published this summer that has pirates and action.

I want to thank Anne for the eCopy of this book and for allowing me to read this book and in turn give my honest review of the book.


40683521Sit still. Be quiet. Obey.

Adora has lived her entire life under her mother’s strict rules, but when obedience means marrying a man twice her age, something deep within her snaps. Fleeing the night of her wedding, she boards what she assumes is a trade ship and hides among the cargo she hopes won’t be touched until she’s far away from the life she left behind.

She never anticipated being found.

Or finding Fenix.

Fenix believes in freedom, expression, and adventure. When a woman in a wedding gown is found in the belly of his ship with eyes like fire and the disposition of something almost broken, he wants nothing more than to release the flames and mend the cracks.

But with her past catching up to them, he may not have the chance.

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Author Bio

P1060747Anne Stryker is a romance author who loves animals and fantasy. Somehow she finds a way to incorporate both into her stories in one way or another more often than not. Adventure, twists, and magic lie within every page in her works, and she invites you to join her on the expeditions of several lifetimes.

Currently, Anne is working on a fantasy romance series that retells both fairy tales and myths in mashups of severe proportions. The Beyond the Veil series starts with Lurking in the Woods, which has just been published.

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My Review

P1060561I haven’t read that many books with pirates but this one grabbed my attention the minute I read the blurb. It’s my first book from Anne Stryker and I liked this novella a lot.

This book follows Adora after she escapes before her wedding and ended up going on a journey on a pirate ship. And she met the captain, Fenix, and each scene they are together was fun to read and you could see that they were interested in one another, and there as a chemistry going on. Fenix helped her not only with taking her to where she wanted to go, but he also encouraged her to be herself and just ‘unleash that fire’ and ‘let it burn’.

P1060631This is a novella, and it’s not even 50 pages long, but even though it was a short and quick read, I enjoyed every single page and it was sweet and it had some action moments and I wished there was more because I would loved to read what other adventures they would have in the future.

Fenix was charming and he really did made everything possible so that she could feel comfortable. And the way that the author wrote the characters, the pirates, it gives this refreshing aspect to the all “Pirates are rude and mean, and can’t be trusted.” Yes, Fenix is mischievous, but he’s also polite and kind, funny and determined. And that just made me love him so much more.

Overall, I just wished I could read more about them, have another novella about other adventures they had. And seriously, it had a great message… to be who we are.

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