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“Dasquian – Claimed by the Black Dragon” Review

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Today I bring you a review of “Dasquian – Claimed by the Black Dragon“, written by Jenny Foster. This fantasy books isn’t the first book I’ve read of Jenny, I’m still working on reviewing her other books, but you may remember her name from my review of her book “The Beast”, which was a Sci-Fi romance.

Thank you, Jenny, for this ARC via Booksprout, and for allowing me to read and give my honest review of it.


42396395A chosen dragon.
A human female.
An invincible creature that wants to possess her.

Shor Dasquian is a man who has a fearless dragon’s heart beating inside his chest. When he prepares to fight for the woman from Earth, he does not know what events he will set in motion. She is the one – the woman whom fate has chosen to bring into his life, only to separate them from each other all over again.

His love for the woman changes him.

The brave man turns into a fearless one.

The loyal dragon-shifter turns into a relentless lover.

The strong dragon turns into an invincible being, who teaches even the most dangerous creatures from his home planet to fear him. Even an enraged king and a vengeful goddess cannot picture the black creature they have awakened inside Dasquian, and how far he is willing to go for the one woman he loves.

Dark, wonderful, and mesmerizing. Accompany Dasquian on his fantastic journey and experience vindictive goddesses from ancient times, a merciless creature born of fire, and a love story that remains unforgettable.

* * * A Dragon Shifter Fantasy Romance * * *
Full-lenght Novel. Contains mature themes. No cliffhanger.

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Author Bio

Sometimes I still shake my head at myself! Me and sci-fi?
“Never,” I would have said, just a few years ago! I am much too caught up in the here and now for that. When I think about how big the universe is, and how small we all seem in comparison, I feel nothing but awe. In my writing, my passion goes to the creatures who live at the edge of our world. Aliens, werewolves, panther shifters, vampires – all of them fascinate me. That’s why I try, with the help of my keyboard, to breathe a life into them.

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My Review

I love fantasy books and books with shape-shifters and/or dragons. Since this book had all the aspects I love and I liked Jenny Foster’s writing style in the previous books I read, I had to give this book a try. In the end… I loved it!

From the mythology to the shape-sifting, this book combined some unique aspects of the fantasy genre into an all new world, with some vivid descriptions that not only called for our eyesight, but also our sense of smell and sound. That one of the things that made reading this book exciting.

The author’s writing style brought to the plot some balanced drama, romance and mystery, side-by-side with all the fantasy elements that she putted in and that made the book have a fast pace, with some very adrenaline packing action scenes and twists and turns that made the journey intriguing, exciting and thrilling. And, of course, have “Oh My Goodness! I can’t believe how amazing they are!” moments that left me sighing and wanting to read one page after the other, until the very end and still wish for more.

Dasquian was an amazing character that left me wonder what he would do next or how he would deal with each problem and danger that was on his way. Besides, he’s a dragon shifter and that is something that has always fascinated me and that I need to look for in other books in the genre.

Although he really was one of my favorite character, and yes, I know he’s the male main character, all the characters had personality traits that made me curious about them. Even the ones that were suppose to be the bad guys… I felt like the roles of each character in the storyline and the subsequently actions, made sense in the overall scheme and plot flow.

That been said, it’s pretty obvious that I loved the story. I don’t want to talk about particular aspects and scenes of the plot because I want you guys to get the full experience just like I did. But… I can tell you that it was 250 pages of an adventure marked by danger, suffering, trying to find happiness and freedom, and fighting for love. And seriously, that’s what matters to me: the journey of two people fighting for their dreams and love.

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