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“Leaving The City” Review

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I have another review for you guys. A couples weeks ago I shared some content with you guys in a promo post with an extract, from Hollie Anne Marsh‘s book “Leaving the City“, the first book in the Sweetbriars Series.

Today I bring you my review of the book. If you like horses and want to read a fun adventure book with friendship and a finding our place in a new community type of plot, then this is your book. I had so much fun reading this book. From all the descriptions, to the emotions and the adventure… and the horses!

Thank you to the author, publisher and Kelly from Love Books Tours, for the eCopy in exchange for my hones review of the book.


Sweetbriars Book 1 EBOOK COVERA Tale of Sweetbriars

Welcome to the yard! Come and meet the girls… Cate, Tabby and Violet and their beautiful horses.

Leaving The City is the first book in the new Sweetbriars Equestrian book series, which is receiving wonderful reviews. It’s a great book for young readers and readers that love animals and horses.

About Leaving The City

Will Cate ever settle into living in the countryside?

Cate is uprooted from life as she has known it. Along with her family and her gorgeous palomino show horse Odette, she moves to a charming farm deep in the English countryside.

Cate is torn. Upon moving to horse heaven, she had to leave behind her best friend Beth and her beloved horse-riding instructor Bridget. On the other hand, she has fallen in love with Sweetbriars, the farm her family has bought to make their dreams come true.

Setting up an equestrian centre at Sweetbriars is fun to Cate, but settling into a new school and having a stern Pony Club riding instructor that teaches dressage is less so. At school, Cate makes friends with Violet, who is confident and wacky, and through Pony Club she gets to know Tabby, who is sweet and popular. The girls’ lives will be intertwined in ways they could never have imagined thanks to their shared passion for horses and Cate’s determination to make Sweetbriars a success.

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Author Bio

img-0349Hollie is an Australian author who lives in Barcelona, Spain with her partner, baby boy, and Oldenburg mare, Frieda. After having a professional career, including creating the equestrian online shop Equiporium (since sold), working for many large multinational companies, and having a baby, Hollie reconnected with her passion of writing and finished the manuscript she wrote many years ago.

Hollie has been riding since she was a little girl, enjoying activities such as Pony Club, showjumping, eventing, and trail-riding in the great Australian bush. Hollie lived in England for almost ten years where she had two horses and trained them for dressage. 

The Sweetbriars series is inspired by all the special moments Hollie spent with horses… good, funny, and challenging moments!

In creating the new Sweetbriars series, Hollie hopes that readers will not only find the books fun to read, but they will also inspire readers to learn more about horses.

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My Review

P1060718This book was quite refreshing for me. It was fun to read and I love animals, and I think horses I majestic creatures, and although I don’t know much about them besides when I learned in biology classes and some documentaries on TV, I was very curious to read this book.

Hollie did a wonderful job creating this first book in the series and introducing us to the characters and their lives. The characters felt real and their friendship was full of adventures and funny moments that made me wish I was there and part of the group, and that they could teach me about horses.

As I kept reading and learning about the life on the equestrian center at Sweetbriars I got even more intrigued. The author gave us not only amazing characters that I could connect with because of how developed they were and how open they were in the storyline that I could feel empathy, but also she gave us beautiful descriptions that made me visualize all that was going on.

P1060717They say this is a great book for preteens, younger teenagers and adults that love coming of age stories and animals… And I agree. All the visual images that the descriptions give, and the pace of the story made takes the reader on a journey. And I can’t wait for the other books in the series because now that the first book is here and the introductions and the world is set, we will be taking more adventures as we read all the next books that Hollie Anne Marsh has for us.

I really like this book and it was unique and it made me happy. So of course I recommend this book. If you know anything and everything about horses, go for it. If you want a sweet, fun and interesting book to read with your kid, get this book and share it with her or him. If since you were a kid you wanted a pony or love horses but never had a chance to be close to one, here is the chance to learn more about them and go on an adventure. Plus, if you want a book about adventure and friendship, this is it!

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