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“Closing Time” Review

Hello Friends!

P1060521First of all I want to apologize to the author of this fun book for my unprofessional attitude. As many of you that know me and have been following my blog for a while, know… A lot has happened since January and my life has been going through ups and downs. I have been trying my best to keep up my schedule, but sometimes things get crazy and I can’t keep up.

This time, it happen with this review. I had the notes for the review on one of my notebooks, but I’m still trying to get things on their ways. I have a lot of reviews I want to post (those that aren’t from books I got as part of the blog tours) and I can’t seem to get the posts done. So, I apologize to M. M. Clem and Sara because it’s not their fault.

That been said, let me get to business. I got this book in exchange for an honest review and although it’s part of a series I just thought I should go for it and enjoy the book and go read the others later.

Closing Time” is the 4th book in the Time Series, written by M.M. Clem and it a Contemporary Romance.


40211725In a split second, Landen lost his bike, his job, and life as he knew it in his small Indiana town. After a motorcycle accident turned his whole world upside down, drowning himself in women and booze was the only way to quiet the demons inside him. It was the only way to avoid that deep hole of depression that kept tugging at him.

New to the same town, Tasha spends her time tending bar and taking crap from nobody, at least not anymore. Her past seems to be shrouded in mystery.

Landen finds Tasha behind the bar of his favorite hangout but instead of serving him all night long, like most of the bartenders, she talks to him, makes him laugh, helps him remember what it’s like to be normal. In turn, Tasha finds that the more Landen opens up to her, the more her heart opens up.

Landen and Tasha seek refuge and solace in each other, knowing that each is wounded. Can these two lost souls help each other heal the bruises of their past while creating memories for their future?

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Don’t forget to add the book on your Goodreads TBR… and don’t forget to check out all the other books in this series:

This Time, Once Upon a Time, Until The End of Time.

Author Bio

15609124M.M. Clem lives in a small town, in the heart of Indiana, with her husband, three kids, and her big black dog, Leela. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, photography, sleeping, and watching her daughter dance.

When she’s not busy writing or reading, you can find  her chauffeuring her kids to band practices and competitions, club meetings, dance practice and dance competitions, or fiddling around on social media.

She loves her Netflix, country music, anything sweet to eat, and iced tea. Sarcasm is her second  language.

My Review

P1060524When I found out about this book I didn’t know if I would understand the setting of the book because it was the forth book in a series and sometimes when we start a series with a book that isn’t the first one, it can be difficult to understand the story, even when it’s about different characters. But in this case, I didn’t feel that, I now just want to go read the other books because I liked this one.

As you can read in the blurb it’s about Landen and Tasha. Side note: love the names! Never heard of Landen before and that was another point in his favor, something that grabbed my attention in the very beginning; and Tasha sounds like the kind of name for a rock star, and in some ways, she was a rock star… The rock star of the bartender world.

P1060525Anyway, we have two wonderful characters, both with a complicated past, and we get to enjoy reading about them finding each other through night long talks, laughs, friendship and then love. How perfect is that?! Although the past and their wounds are in the way, the fact that they keep talking was fantastic to me.

I love reading about their interaction, about how they were trying to get their lives and their minds back on track, back to feeling normal, being hopeful about the future and trying to create new (and better) memories. And honestly I sometimes feel like I need this: the connection with another human being outside my group of friends. That was what made me enjoy the book so much. I created empathy with them, I could understand what they meant and felt, in some degree of course.

P1060528Of course there was chemistry between them, of course it had this falling in love aspect… but it was life for me. They both needed each other, the friendship and the “I’m listening and I’m talking to you. I see you.” type of relationship. If that turned in to a romance… Well… I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to books. So I don’t really mind.

I’m now excited to read the other books and understand the titles of the books, because they are fun and caught my eye when I saw them. Especially this one… Closing Time“, for me it’s about closing the past in the past. About closing that book and opening a new one. Closing the time of bad memories and making new ones. If I’m mistaken, I don’t care. I like this idea.

Over all, loved this book and I’m so glad I was able to read it. And I do recommend the book.

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