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“When Broken Hearts Meet” Review

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all doing well this Tuesday. I was finally able to sleep better than in the past few days and I’m getting back on track with reading and writing. I have so many plans for July. What are your plans for this month? Let me know in the comments.

Now, back to the really reason I’m posting. Last month I got a message from Arushi Vats about the possibility of reading and review her book. So she sent me her book in exchange for an honest review, and here I am, finally getting that review posted.

When Broken Hearts Meet” is the name of the book and here is the blurb:

P1050934Avanti meets Suhaas. They become friends. Avanti is a conflicted girl, shattered in the tussle between her past and present and Suhaas is the typical prince charming who has two sides, one which he keeps to himself and the other which he shows to everyone. As their story proceeds ahead, both of them begin to feel affinity for each other. But deep in the realms of their hearts dwells chaos that occurs because of their past relationships. Avanti and Suhaas’s friends make efforts to unite them as they know that they love each other. Eventually, it’s up to Suhaas if he will confess his love or not but the important question arises here is, will Avanti find the courage to leave behind her tumultuous past and embrace her love story?

My Review:

P1050936When Broken Hearts Meet” is a small but very emotional book about the journey of two people, two hearts (in a sense), while they try to go on with their lives after having their hearts broken. It’s about friendship, love, sadness, and healing.

The book’s storyline follows Avanti, and personally I could connect with her in some aspects. She has insecurities, fears, and she’s haunted by her past. And I can relate to all of that. Then there is Suhaas with is charming personality, and sometimes weird or funny moments.

20180616_104439As we read the book and discover more and more about Avanti and Suhaas, I get to learn more and feel like I’m also starting a friendship with them and their friends. Like I’m part of the book. Which is a bit weird since the names of the characters are so different from what I’m used to, but I loved that too.

The flow of the book was good, it was easy to read page after page, it was simple, emotional, with some unexpected twists and all the descriptions, thoughts and feeling were clear to me and just helped with giving the plot a stronger impact.

Sometimes, personally, I felt the characters were like teenagers with all the craziness, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, I did. They even made me laugh and feel all emotional thinking about other things in my life and past. And then a moment happen, a description appears, a feeling is coming across with a powerful punch… I would forget the other moments and keep enjoying the story.

P1050924I liked the story. It was different. I don’t think I have read many books without a structure that was chapter, chapter, chapter… So the way the book was written was refreshing for me.

And is you enjoy a sweet romance about people trying to figure out their lives and just trying to get going struggling with their demons, and with a great ending, then go for it and read this book.

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I always welcome new books to add to my list and I’m always excited to do reviews and read books.




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