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Hello friends,

Last month I join this book community and here I am to talk about it.

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Welcome to The book Robin Hoods!

This website allows, not only, readers to find new authors and new books. It allows authors to find readers willing to review their works. It’s a service that connects authors and readers.

If you a writer seeking feedback, beta readers, reviewers or promotion for your story, either you are an unpublished writer and a published authors, this is a great place for you.

If you are a book reviewer with a book blog (like myself), looking to connect and promote awesome authors, or if you are just a reader who love books and want to give your feedback, this is also the place for you.

Screenshot-2018-2-6 Writer Community Therobinhoods The Storytellers.png

You, reader/reviewer, can choose from the authors that appear in “The Storytellers” page and contact them requesting an ARC. And, of course, check out their website, Social media pages, or Amazon page so you can find out about their books.

You can’t just send an email saying “I want to review your book!” and not say the name of the book. I think it would be a bit weird, like going to a restaurant and order meat, they would still not know what meat you want or how you want it. Plus, I’m sure you would like to know more about the books (the blurbs and genres) so you can decided which books is interesting to you.

The authors have books in a lot of different genres. There is sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, YA… You get what I’m trying to say. You can read about any genre. So you will definitely have fun and find a book that’s your cup of tea.


Screenshot-2018-2-6 Writer Community Therobinhoods The Book Thieves.png

And if you are a featured book reviewer you will be feature in “The Book Thieves” page.

The authors will go there when they want to find reviewers for their books. And they will email those readers, asking any of the bloggers and reviewers to work with them by reviewing their work, being a beta-reader or even help promote that author.


If you join in, don’t forget to read this post in the Forum section: This is how this site works: What you have to do. So you have a guideline and don’t get to overwhelmed or confused about how things work.


All types of readers and writers are welcome. You just have to be interactive, and promote the website too, because this is a place for authors and readers and we have to help out so it keeps being helpful, fun and just an happy place for everyone.

And this place wouldn’t be here if M.C. Frank didn’t started it. She’s the creator of the BRH. She also an author and you really should check out her Website to learn more about her books.


And if you are still reading, you may be wondering how you can apply (as a author/writer or reader) to be part of the Author-Reader Connection. You can learn more about it and apply to join in the Website.

And if you ever share the website link, don’t forget to use the hashtag: #thebookrobinhoods; either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


And if you are already a member, let me know on the comments since I’m trying to follow some more bloggers.




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